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As an entrepreneur, one loves to save on software & marketing tool cost. Further software helps to optimize the business operation & provide an edge to business on marketing front. For an agency owner, it could be a way for an entirely novel way of adding revenues to the bottom line. Appsumo is a leading platform for lifetime deals.But there are Appsumo alternatives platforms that provide huge list of software, SAAS on discount. In today’s post we discuss more on this. Further, all the major platforms offer freebies & have giveaways.

Appsumo lifetime deal platform has grown from few SAAS discounts to a vast collection of deals, recently they opened up the marketplace for community which provides various other deals from their community.It has almost dozen plus categories for the various software applications & SAAS deals. It has recently launched Plus Program paid plan , Appsumo briefcase, giveaways, freebies to grow community. Appsumo has webinars that helps business to know about the app they launch.

Top 10+ Appsumo Alternatives Sites

Lifetime Software & SAAS Deal Platforms

1.Stacksocial – the top appsumo alternative

Staksocial is a leading software deal platform. Over 200+ software discounted are available for business & individuals. SS host wide variety of deals like VPN, Language Software which are hard to find on Appsumo.

Some popular deals on SS include XSPLIT cam, Compysmith, Babble, Keepsolid VPN, Hushed,

SS also has a section for gadgets & courses. You may find stacksocial coupons on special occasions. Deal terms are bit different from that of Appsumo, we recommend reviewing terms when you are looking to buy software deals.

Stacksocial is owned by StackCommerce. SS Claims to have paid $150 million to its partners.

2. Pitchground – the best appsumo alternative

Pitchground has been visioned by Oscar Hernandez & Udit Goenka. Udit Goenka has a background of launching SAAS Products & is growth hacker. Pitchground has assembled some of interesting SAAS Products & marketing tool like Gridle, Cpaturly, Rethink, Archbee, Majority lifetime SAAS with lifetime access are around $59. It recently added free courses section as well. Further, it has active social media Facebook groups, Instagram & YouTube channel as well. In December 2020 they had major viral giveaways that have boosted the community. They occasionally come up freebie as well.

In 2021 – pitchground has been launching events, courses & some group giveaways. It has been also seen experimenting with pricing & launchs. It is one big spenders when it comes to facebook ads & google ads.

3. SAAS Mantra – the rising appsumo alternative

SAAS Mantra has been very picky about the SAAS lifetime deals it launches. There are few launches & each launch has a webinar to help the audience

SAAS Mantra is promoted by Sampath & Rama S, he is known to work with SAAS Founder’s launching their exclusive deal. Some interesting SAAS tool have been Morningscore, Reviewshake, Hyperise,, Userpilot. These amazing Deals are around normally between $49-$69.

In 2021 – the Saas Mantra has made a huge comeback when it comes number of deals & various pricing points. While Appsumo could be seen inching the pricing point, where as SAAS Mantra has been innovating & getting aggressive when it comes to pricing points, More engagement has been seen when it comes to SAAS Mantra website.

4. Digital Think – the trending appsumo alternative

Digital think has been initially launched in a Facebook group by Mohammed Ali. Recently it has been developing its online platform. Founder has been extremely active that has grown DT community fast. These amazing deals are discounted & have agency angle as well. Deal are priced around $49 & some time even lower as well. Their major deals & tools had been LeadCart, Brandoverflow (SEO tool), Web signals & more. The deals are ideal for agencies, studio owners, freelancers, marketers, growth hackers.

In 2021 – DT has remain near to silence in 3rd quarter after launching great deals. It was seen the acquiring the list of Rebeliance. But the facebook group has been active & focus has been more on agency deals with higher value.

5. Dealify

Dealify has been promoted by Tom van den Heuvel.It sources software deals that are exclusive & are ideal for growth hackers, marketers & Owners. It has Chrome & Firefox extension to inform its subscribers.

6. Deal Mirror

Deal Mirror offers massive discounts for web designers & developers. With its online deal platform, it offers deals. Deal are for limited time period only. Recently deals like Focal, Ifinancer,Voicely, Capturly & more. It has dedicated Facebook group as well.

7. Rebeliance – Moving Out

Rebeliance is leading lifetime discounts & deals site. They call their members rebels. They are known for bringing exclusive deal with lifetime discounts.we could credit them for bringing Engagebay, Verifybee, Smarttask, Abhisi & several more. It focuses deals toward entrepreneur’s.

In 2021 – This will be soon removed

8. Deal Fuel

Dealfuel has vast collection of deals some of them include word press plugin, kits, themes, SAAS tools, SEO Tools, Courses, Hosting. IT is ideal for designers, freelancers,developers, marketers, bloggers & business.

It also has deal club for regular members who buy deals more frequently, It discounts 25% on most deals.

9. Marketplaces


Mightydeals operate as daily deal website. product expires after some time. The MD has deals for fonts, creative elements, Software, digital products & courses.


It is the leading marketplace for pre-made templates, design elements, video elements, code snippets, PHP application, SAAS Tool. It has multiple pricing format available.


JVZoo has digital products , courses, SAAS tools. The longevity of tools is a major concern when buying from JVzoo. But occasionally, you may find great tools from top SAAS vendors.


It is leading digital good marketplace; it has some good software, courses available.It also hosts digital products from the other categories like health, wellness, relationship.

10. Facebook Groups


Martechwise (marketing + technology) is a great community for lifetime tech deals & technology discussions. It has some exclusive lifetime discount occasionally. This includes SAAS lifetime deals, WordPress plugins. The group has several active discussion threads on various topics related to technology, but most active discussion are related to lifetime deals. The group is operated by Donald Chan. It has some great active mods as well.


LifeTimeTechDeals is LD curation & exclusive deal Facebook group. We know it as LTDF group.Tracey Lorenson is the founder of the group. The group curates the deal so you save time on deal hunting. The group is popular with SAAS business who would like to test the audience. Past deals have been Gist, Company Hub, Offeo & more.

That is just a small list of appsumo alternative, if you feel some important platforms are missing, let us know. We will be glad to evaluate & add it. So just check & start saving as you take your business next level.