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Buy Vs Subscribe Stock Photo Service What are you taking up for your business website, Videos or Social Media Posts

With Blogs, Videos & Social media taking over the Internet, Stock image usage has increased more than ever may it be for freemium or commercial usage. When looking for commercial grade photos & royalty free images, Depositphoto is premium site with competitive pricing structure. Today we are undertaking Depositphotos Review for bloggers & agencies.

Stock images also include image, graphics, stocks, vector , illustration, clip arts, photography, videos, icons & vectors. Why buying stock photo there are lot of parameters one should look for like.

  • What do you need photo or vector or illustration
  • Where you could buy photos / images easily
  • What are the licensing terms, How is royalty free & commerical usage addressed
  • Is buying stock photos or images cheap & cost effective
  • Does licence permits usage in website, graphic material & billboard – check the restriction
  • Buying a single image or subscribing is good idea

No matter you are agency or business, if you want to make your website or your social channels look worthy, you need to use stock images.It is extremely painful to find the correct picture that shows correct emotions. Business do not have time or budget for DIY Photography or hiring professional photographers or models for their photo requirement.

A client of ours run a real estate business in Glendale, Az wanted to revamp a website, blog & its social channel. As the project progress the first question arises is where to buy the photographs for the project. We first looked for some great freemium sites like Pixabay, Grastisography, Unsplash, Picjumbo & Pexels . But based on their model, their collection is very generic & their search is limited. And when you are in business, you need to identify specific photography images at very cost effective price, choices are limited if you are opting for freemium websites.

While searching on Internet one can easily encounter an exhaustive list of stock photography website both in can of freemium website or paid stock images website. Freemium website has mixed collection of photos by professionals, public domain & creative commons. 

So we checked some of the biggest stock photography website which included best brand names like Getty Images, Adobe stock, Shutterstock that have huge stock photo collection but their cost or price structure makes it challenging to adopt it for business or startup that has just started.

Our client’s requirement is he needs approx ten pictures for commercial purpose a month & occasionally it grows to 20 so requirement is pretty erratic in nature , so we need quality photos (high resolution), Huge selection at cost effective solution for the same. Site should provide searching & sorting easy to look for the pictures. Additionally, their license agreement should make a sense for the business.

Finally, after looking for the week approx several stock photography websites both free and paid. We finally shortlisted our favourite stock photo service website.

Depositphotos Review – Royalty Free Stock Images, Illustrations, Vectors, Footages

An affordable Royalty free Stock photo Liblary

Stock Photo

With Depositphotos you have access to 100+ million royalty (in short: Wide variety) creative free stock photos & vector images for your commercial projects for your website, presentation & ads. It is 100% online Platform, with a vast collection of perfect shots with high-quality images, so next time you looking for favorite image, video footage. You know where you should be looking for it. 

The Depositphotos works with professional photographers from all over the world. 

Its ideal stock photo site for professionals looking for high-quality pictures.

You can make search this huge image library via your keyword or categories. Categories for stock photo is huge from cities, abstract, icons, business, travel images, nature photography, vintage photos, city lines, landscape, animals, people & so much more. It has a huge list of vectors.

Ideal customers of Depositphotos can be web designers, advertising agencies, individuals, publishers, newspapers, art directors, bloggers & business.

5 Benefits while you use top stock photo website – Depositphotos

Images come with standard license terms which means it can be used commercially for Facebook posts, YouTube graphics, Instagram posts, Pinterest images, graphic designs , ebook covers, without any attribution. However, reselling of stock pictures is not allowed.

Stock photos or images are worth 1000 words & in internet age worth 1000 likes

Images can be optimized for SEO while you input images in your content. You can use parameters like alt, meta details , image name , including image name in sitemap can increase quality of content. In short, images are great for online marketing 

Images are a great way to optimize your content, increase eyeballs & decrease bouncing of the users.

Your creative juices will start flowing as you look sort photos for your next marketing campaign

Search on depositphotos with various options

Questions on Stock Photo Service – Depositphotos

Can we use Depositphotos images & vectors in our commercial project? 

Depositphotos provides royalty free images, vectors, videos for the usage in your commercial project.

Does Depositphotos offer options for resolution & size.

It offers 3-4 options of resolution in terms of image quality & image size. Some images have vector options as well. The images after a choice can be easily be downloaded.

Are any free stock images available on Depositphotos.

Depositphotos does not host any free images or vectors. It has only paid options.

Are unused credit carried forward.

Yes, all credits of your subscription plan are carried forward.

Is there a length of usage?

All images on Depositphotos have life long usage available.

I do not want to go for a monthly subscription. Are there any other plans available?

Yes, Depositphotos offers Pay as you go plan. You can get image packs at cost effective price & further discounts on special occasions are available.

Are there any Discount code or promo code available for Depositphotos?

Occasionally there are available discount code for Depositphotos, if you use the link below if any promo code is available you will have it.

Does Depositphotos has referral program?

Yes, Depositphotos has generous referral program that you can use while you refer to colleagues or other business. 

So once you ready with the Stock photo of your choice. Get your creative juices flow. Beautify your website, blog post, ads, presentation or videos. Choose your photo with your choice of your subscription plans. Check Now

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