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Are you are business or agency, do you use software?

Would you like to have access to lifetime access to Software & SAAS products? 

Do you like to pay for SAAS software monthly or One time ?

Lifetime Deals : AppSumo

Well, any serious business would use the software or SAAS Software to manage business operation or automate certain operations. Then You need to buy the software with monthly subscriptions.

With business, freelancers, agency challenge are cash flow & business requirement are no less than like big corporation when most business have move online. To solve this major problem. 

AppSumo, came in to solve this problem, they are doing this since 2010. They are the biggest software deal site for entrepreneurs. They help agency, business & freelancer to save money. They also provide great resources on free training.

Appsumo has been started by Noah Kagan (owner of as a side project with a small investment in Austin. Primary purpose of the project was to help entrepreneurs with software. 

How do they get best lifetime deals

Appsumo partner’s with software providers, SAAS Platforms to provide the deal. Appsumo has built huge customer following. Platforms love  that their software product is exposed to huge customer base instantly. For the same they offer lifetime access to their software at fraction of cost. Majority share is taken up the Appsumo & part of deal money is shared with the developers. Various startups have flourished with this model. The power of distribution appsumo has it is insane. It is common for software provider to garner thousands of customer in single launch.

As a customer you benefit from the launch of lifetime deal. 

Example : A social media management tool would cost USD 25 for a month yearly cost would be around 300 USD. Appsumo would offer this deal at $49 not for a year but for a lifetime.  Say if you use this deal for next four years your saving would be around USD 1200. This is with just one deal.

But only problem or concern would be these companies are new startups & some of them are here as per plan to initial launch. There are equal chance that software could fail. Failure ratio is very low , but yes it happens. So one should not rush into FOMO to buy the deals after deals but it should be carefully be vetted. 

This is where platform like JoeUncle comes in we help our subscribers to find the best lifetime deals. By doing this we get commission from AppSumo but as per our policy we review the software with pros & cons. The commission we generate is use to maintain our website & it does not cost our subscribers extra penny. 

Popular categories on Appsumo

a) Landing Page Builders ( Brizzy, Kyvio, Landingni )

b) SEO SAAS Software (Seranking, SERPStat)

c) Membership Platforms (WP Wishlist, Subhub Software Platform)

d) Autoresponders ( Sendfox)

e) Video Management & Editing Tools (Swarmify, VooPlayer, Invideo, Rocketium, Tyle, Aluga)

f) Content Management Tools (HappyScribd, Frase)

g) e-learning Software Platforms

h) Graphic Tools (Crello, RelayThat, Depositphoto)

i) Ecommerce SAAS Tools for Woo Commerce & Shopify 

j) WordPress Plugin, Themes (Wp Reset, Shortpixel)

k) Software tools for Agency & Freelancers (Plutio, Lemlist)

m) Social media management tool (Publer, Amplifr, Promorepublic, Rocketlino, Restream )

n) Software for business like CRM, Email Tracking, Proposal (Phonewagon, live agent, plutio, cloudapp)

o) Podcasting Tools (bCast)

They also offer special deals on Black Friday & Cyber Monday as well.

How does AppSumo work with the deals.

Deals are launched randomly there is not fix schedule, But recently deals have been more frequent . 

Deals normally remains 4-6 weeks but some deals are kept live for months as well. Some free deals are even longer

Once the lifetime deal expires they occasionally come back for 72 hours after few days and are available to subscribed plus & briefcase paid program members .

Appsumo deals are followed my email announcements of launch & expiry this helps users. 

With every deals AppSumo launches is Product Videos, this are great one to have fast preview of the deal. 

While buying a lifetime deal you may also look for reviews & questions available below the deal – they are informative & helpful while you undertake the deals.

Frequently Asked Questions on AppSumo

Well I see general lifetime software deals, It never shows related to my industry.

Appsumo offer generic software deals related to all major businesses. You will not find generic or industry specific deal.

Do AppSumo has special programs.

Yes AppSumo runs special pro program. Both of the programs are available at additional subscription cost. These program provide extra benefit to the users. But without joining these programs also you can take full advantage of lifetime deals. Appsumo Briefcase & AppSumo Plus are subscription program AppSumo offers.

Can you return the AppSumo deal.

AppSumo has 60 days refund policy with most lifetime deals. 

But we at joeUncle would recommend to choose the deal carefully, just review & take a trial of software before you buy the deal, once you are ready click to buy.

Does AppSumo offers support.

Appsumo support is limited to buying of deals & they have great support team. For product support you need to check with software vendors.

Does AppSumo has promo codes, discount codes or coupons.

No, Previously there where promo / coupon codes where available but these days AppSumo does not have generic coupon codes. They do gives codes to specific customer occasionally. But no generic codes are know in year 2020.

Do you have access to SAAS  deals once you have refunded . 

No , You will loose the access immediately or in some time . Once you have refunded the product we would recommend you should stop using the product as you could be barred at given point of time.

Is it legal to sell AppSumo deals ? 

No it is not legal to resell deals, In my talks with AppSumo CEO in Facebook group. Appsumo does not recommend any resellers or reselling AppSumo code. It against their terms we recommend you not to indulge in such activity.

Are there any other any good AppSumo alternatives. 

Yes there are some good lifetime deals website that are great alternatives to AppSumo deals but kind of deals & value AppSumo brings with deals & community around it . Other deal website or alternatives do not come around it or near to it .

Does the deals once appeared on AppSumo comes back.

No or Extremely rare to have AppSumo deal back in same format. There has been few instances that original lifetime deals come back but those instances are very rare. 

Are AppSumo deals stackable

No , not all deals are stackable. But in recent times more & more AppSumo deals have been coming with stackable options. Stackable AppSumo deals are ideals for agencies who would like to have more options.

What is/was the best Appsumo deal?

It is extremely hard to put the fingure on best appsumo deal, as there are lot of parameters that are involved. We have compiled short list of some of the latest deals & some of old appsumo deals

What are popular deal sites like Appsumo ?

SAAS Mantra, Dealthink, Pitchground are some popular deal sites like appsumo, you can look for alternatives here as well.

Are these lifetime deals useful

Deals are preliminary target to the business, affiliates, bloggers , these business are looking forward towards the growth of their business & website. These SAAS application being lifetime deal are one time cost & they reap benefit over the time.

Share us your experience below with SAAS Tools you are using . We would love to hear.