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While you build a perfect landing page also look for a lifetime deal on landing page builder

While my friend Joey was working in Austin based agency which was preliminary a SEO campaign, they had just started with the PPC campaign. And were wondering if they needed a landing page for their PPC campaign. Most designer & marketers are divided on using website or landing page for their next pay per click campaigns. 

We can use landing pages for capturing leads, launching products & ecommerce sales. 

From the marketing campaigns we have tested , landing pages have been clear winners. They have decreased bounce rate & increased conversions. 

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As part of the digital marketing strategy, we recommend having landing pages with cloud hosting. We recommend using Landing page creation tool for your next marketing campaign.

Major difference is landing pages are focussed towards their audience & product promotion. Clear benefit derived is higher conversion on the landers & better customer experience.  We have crafted landing page checklist for your next landing page keep this handy.

Benefits of having landing page for your next campaign

Landing Page increases conversion

As landing page have clear goals & specific with CTA, this decrease bounce rate & increase conversion. When running the PPC campaign they are highly recommended.

Landing Pages generates data that is actionable

Landing page are specific & have less leakages of traffic, so the data generate is highly actionable. This is critical when it comes to digital marketing campaign. We recommend good reputable tool to build your landing pages.A tool having A/B Testing would be added advantage.

Landing pages can improve conversion, credibility

As they solves customers problems this increases credibility & urges CTA, further helps in conversion. This creates long term credible experience for the visitors. 

Landing pages can help with leads & sales conversion

Landing pages are help to generate email list or direct sales as it can integrate them with payment gateway or email tools like GetResponse or MailChimp.

Landing Pages Checklist

For your next landing page

1) Landing Page Headline

Headline should clearly communicate to the user the one big USP, this should clearly differentiate from the competitor. 

Keep the headline similar to what has been communicated earlier (in the ad).

Headline that talks about a problem then promises a solution would be a good example of a good headline.

Headline can also have sub headline as well to further support the statement.

Purpose of the headline is to move the visitor to next step, so it should generate enough curiosity to move ahead towards hero image.

We recommend testing the headline using A/B testing method.

2) Hero Image 

Use hero image that relates to product / offerings / brand image

Using clear & concise image improves conversions

Hero Image should be engage enough to help user with the decision. 

This is seen first by the traffic (visitor), so it is first impression & experience.

Prefer the image that communicates with the emotion, Stock images are last thing to be used.

Short explainer video is also fine.

3) Benefit Driven Product Description

Hero image should be accompanied by the benefit driven description with proper highlights & bullets. This could be a good mix of benefit & features. 

Have a clear grammar. Avoid mistakes. 

No internal or external links in the content of the page.

This should re-enforce the benefit derived from the product.

4) CTA

CTA should tell the audience to take action towards the goal you want to achieve. It should have single objective

CTA action for your audience is key to the conversion of the page.

CTA could be a simple link or Button.

This could be asking user to give name & email or sign-up with a trial.

Key metric to track CTA Conversion is CTR or Click Through Rate.

Once you have enough data, you may perform A/B Testing.

5) Social Proof

Unless you are brand like Wallmart or Amazon trust or instant credibility or content authenticity is not a problem, but for new customers’ trust is major problem. Social proof elements can increase level of trust .  

Social proof in the form of SSL Badges, customer testimonials, brands, badges, case study, video interviews & review scores can help a lot to improve trust level over the web

6) Bonus Checklist for perfect landing page

  • Do not have navigation links in header or footer
  • Integrate with tools like Google analytics & Hotjar
  • Primary purpose should be increase CTA’s CTR & reduce Bounce rate
  • Optimize for SEO, AMP, Mobile Responsiveness
  • As part of Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) A/B Testing is recommended
  • Monitor your campaign on one key metric

Now you are ready to help a user in buying journey &

your next step is to create a landing page. 

Choose from a huge collection of landing page templates that have already been optimized for Conversion &  Speed. One should look for the easy-to-use interface, drag & drop editor with ability for A/B Testing & Blazing fast hosting with CDN & SSL.

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Swipe Pages

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  • Build in A/B Testing Feature to run landing page performance experiments
  • Dynamic text replacement
  • Agency Features like Client Sub Accounts

Swipe Pages is greate alternative to tools like Instapage, Clickfunnel, Lead Pages, Ubounce . Save at least 1000$ on your existing landing page builder

Grab a Landing Page Builder Deal at $59

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No Monthly Cost, Saving of $1044, 60 Days To Refund

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