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Videos today are part of any business that needs to grow an online audience. YouTube is classic examples where buy millions of videos are uploaded daily. Videos needs to be professional to compete. Last few years video has grown in more engaging form of content & it has been domination when it comes to social media from YouTube, Facebook & Instagram. Today videos are used by digital marketers, online ecommerce store, business. Today we take on Wave Video Editor for a review, It all started when my friend blogger from california called me with his issues on starting video channel.

Grab a Lifetime Deal on Wave Editor $59

Includes Video Hosting,CDN,Animatron & Video Templates
No Monthly Cost, Saving of $504, 60 Days To Refund

A friend of mine who is blogger who is based in California wanted to start with the video channel on YouTube. He as a part of a video challenge from Peng Joon. He created 30 different videos for its audience. He has been looking for the video editing software that can help him to trim, manipulate existing video, apply some filters effects, audio integration, In short he wanted a small video to be block buster video & most important he needed to video in various sizes so that his single video could be easily be repurposed for multiple social media platforms. Normally, Adobe Premiere Pro CC /Elements/lighthouse is gold standard with the video editing software. But he has been looking for web-based video editing software. He would ideally upload raw videos, then edit the videos for the best performance. 

Major problem when it comes video is for beginners to professionals is find good, easy-to-use video editing tool that is good, easy to use & does not cost an arm.

other than the premiere there are several desktop & web-based video editors are available, here are few. 

OpenShot, VSDC,  Wave video EditorMovie Maker 10, Lightworks, Shotcut, Blender, HitFilm Express, DaVinci Resolve 16, Invideo & several others. When working on desktop based video editor, the software required resources that can block your performance. Where as in cloud you can find the best web-based editing software with best resources to process your video.

Today we are going to review an online based video editing software that has grown from the simple video editing tool to huge library & video hosting platform as well. So this web-based SAAS platform is recommended when it comes to video editing. 

Who should use this SAAS Software

Business / Online ecommerce store 

Business & store owners are using videos to educate about products. It is more interactive & easy for the customers to know about the products.

Bloggers / Youtubers

Bloggers are finding edited video more engaging, further resulting into good monetization.

Digital Marketing Experts / Agencies

Digital marketers are generating higher ROI compared to any other form of digital marketing. And it is far easier to educate the customers.

Review for Wave Video Editor

A professional Video editing tool

Edit Videos Online
Grab a Lifetime Deal on Wave Editor $59

Includes Video Hosting,CDN,Animatron & Video Templates
No Monthly Cost, Saving of $504, 60 Days To Refund


Wave Video is a professional SAAS video creator that can help you create short videos, ads, posts, video stories or editing existing one. 

Wave Video Editor comes with hundreds of templates for various industries & various sizes. It integrates with +200 Million media assets. 

Wave Videos Software can generate video landing pages, making it a great tool for stores & video marketers. This also comes with customizable video player.

Wave Videos software tool makes video content repurpose-able for various social media platform making it a great tool for online business.

Wave Videos advance business plans has reselling option, custom domain for landing pages & automatic captioning option.

And most important – No Downloads are required

8 Reasons you should have Wave Video Editor

a) Easy to Use Interface

Interface is beginners friendly. It has a low learning curve. Just select the template & start using the video template to update your business details.

b) Resize video in multiple formats

Uploading video on various social media platforms is part of any content marketing activity. The wave video allows you to take advantage of this requirement. It has built in facility that rearranges the video in various formats.

c) Integrate your footage or from stock video libraries

Wave integrates with the various footage stock libraries some of them are free & other are paid like Shutterstock & Getty.

d) Studio quality videos exported with High Resolution

By default, it renders the exported videos in mp4 format with 1080 Quality.

e) Vast collection of pre-made video library for various industries & multiple video formats for various social media platform

f) Perform Editing, trimming, manipulating, apply effects, filters all in single platform. Ideal for beginner & professionals.

g) Automatic Recaptioning

The Wave automatically generates TTS captioning with presets, which can be edited by may it be text or brand presets. 

h) Video Hosting & Landing Pages

Wave Video hosting with landing pages is yet another way to publish videos. Based on the plans for the video hosting 20GB + facility. There are options for customizing landing pages with various parameters. Further in business plans there is ability to customize video player with ability to remove the logo.

Alternative video editing software

Rocketium, Vimeo, Animoto

How does it works

The interface to edit & manage videos is simple & clean. It does not matter if you are a beginner or pro user; it does not matter. There is no limitation on how many videos you can edit.Interface has three simple steps.

Step I: Select the existing template 

Templates are available based on various industries & aspect ratio. Once you have made a selection click to edit the template.

Choose from Video Template

Step 2: Opens up the Video Editing Interface

video editor Image
Video editor Interface

Video editing interface allows to edit entire video. Left side has a panel which allows to add captions, watermarks, sticker overlays, audio & more. 

You can add stock photos from free or paid resources which are available.

Bottom panel has a video time line which allows to edit the video, trim the video. You can also add clip, gif  to the video using timeline.

Step 3: Publish the video 

This functionality renders the video in MP4 Format for download.

This has an extended facility to make video available on the landing page. This facility is available with analytics & various other options for business users.

Video Landing Pages Options

Some Questions

Q – What are popular integration for Videos

It has integration with Google Drive, Vimeo, 

Wave Integrations Image

Wave Video Editor Review

The software is great to use. With videos trending all over, website owners can now have a professional video at a fraction of price.

We cannot compare the software to final cut pro or high end video editing tools, but at the affordable rate it is available currently it is a great investment. You can easily re-coup your investment with an initial couple of videos.

With the current deal, you are saving at least $400 yearly with this lifetime deal. Deal is ending soon we recommend you to take advantage of this promotional offer.

We recommend buying atleast 2 stack for complete features. Take the deal now.

Grab a Lifetime Deal on Wave Editor $49

Includes Video Hosting,CDN,Animatron & Video Templates
No Monthly Cost, Saving of $504, 60 Days To Refund

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