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A freelancer consultant from Boston,USA called me this morning.

His business has been growing, but because of unexpected growth he had subscribed to a lot of SAAS software & learning & managing each software has taken away his productivity.

He has subscribed to a different proposal application; he had a different CRM for managing sales. For invoicing there is different software.


In short, it is enormous tasks for small business.

He had preliminary started the business to enjoy the work, but with current flow he has been drowning in process. He knew this has to change, he can not continue with the same process.

He told me he is looking for CRM for the consultant (customer relationship management) freelancer. But before moving to a new CRM software, he has 5 questions he wanted to have answer.

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1. Is there any easy-to-use CRM for freelance or Consultants.

2. Can a CRM handle from Proposal to Invoice in a single software.

3. Is there a client portal that can integrate with the CRM.

4. Will it give a compressive view of my small business.

5. What would a price / Cost of such CRM.

Here is our model to select to the CRM Software for your business. We look for the following things when looking for the business software.

4 Step Model For Selecting your CRM

a) Your Sales Pipeline

As a consultant you are working with several prospects & leads, It is easy to miss a few. A good CRM would help you to remain in touch with all active leads, so that sales pipeline is fully loaded.

Sales pipeline does not mean just interacting with new clients but it equally important to upsell & cross-sell existing clients so your LTV (lifetime value) of your customer is increasing.

Once you tracking all your leads, you are mitigating your task to lose the revenue.

b) You Sales Process

It is very important for any organization big or small to map the sales process. Before mapping the sales process, one need to answer a few questions about the current sales workflow.

How is lead captured

What happens once the lead is in the database.

How much time it takes for sales team to close the lead

What are common sales objection & how they are handled by the sales team

What is the conversion ratio for the leads

Where in the sales stage there is leak

Once these questions are evaluated one can map the sales process based on your business or agency requirement. The process is different for each consultant business or freelancer. Here is a list of few steps for a business to evaluate your sales process requirement.

Step I: Lead

Step 2: Discovery 

Step 3: Propsoal 

Step 4: Pitch/Negotiation

Step 5: Contract

Step 6: Won or Lost

Using the good CRM Software helps you to map the sales process & keep track of the entire process. Further, this helps in estimating sales in near future.

c) Your requirement 

It would be a bad idea to take CRM Software just by looking at its look or features. One should first estimate its own requirement, then ask basic question: will this help to automate my operations, will it increase productivity of your business.

What are my requirements

What are goals for my business

How does the CRM helps me

d) Your budget

Most business while they start or when they are small, shy away from an important investment like that of CRM. Soon they move from excel sheet to sheet. Ideally, an investment like CRM should be prioritize so that they could achieve business goals.

Most business are short of initial upfront investment required for CRM Systems. But what if investment is small & controlled, most important ROI (return on Investment) is fast. 

If your initial cost could justify your business productivity. Increase work efficiency would not be investment worth it. Gives you a bird’s-eye view of the business would not be great.

Well, it is not only him any growing consultant or freelancer would require this to manage his day-to-day operations.

Would not be a brilliant solution if entire workflow of a consultant or freelancer is maintained in a single SAAS platform.

Introducing ClientJoy

Web based CRM Software & Solutions

A Perfect CRM for Consultant & Agencies

CRM Software
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With ClientJoy you can have a wholesome experience & save lot of your time, as your entire operation is under one roof. ClientJoy is all in one CRM Software for Consultants, Agencies & freelancers to manage leads, proposal, clients & Invoice all at one place. One can easily tag – ClientJoy as best CRM Software for Consultants, agencies & Freelancer.

Sales CRM for business
  • Easy user interface with great user experience 
  • It is Simple software platform
  • Great customer support
  • Low learning curve
  • Enhances customer satisfaction with your business.
  • 100% Online CRM Software Solutions

You can view your leads in kanban view, create beautiful proposals with images & Multiple pricing options. Experience breakthrough in managing your business.

Provide complete 360 experience to your client by offering the client portal with login details.

ClientJoy is a great alternative to softwares likes Invoicely, Proposify, Pipedrive & CompanyHub.

manage leads & contacts in CRM

As a small business consultant there is so much to do from generating leads, managing the customer information , collecting payments, sharing the documents. This grows immensely as your business grows. So it is important to to look for a CRM that can help you with the scalability required. Scalability is achievable when workflow is simple , Costs are low. With ClientJoy you can easily achieve this. 

A good CRM Software can achieve a lot 

  • Save on your budgets.
  • Increase your productivity in your Sales by double digits.
  • Makes the work lighter & easy.
  • Streamline the daily process & workflow.

e) Free’s the resources for the scaling & growing the business.

f) Get the task done on time. 

g) Reduces miscommunication even as you had more staff to your business

h) Organizes your customer data, address data & create a long-term value for the business

Clientjoy is already used by 2000+ business worldwide, which includes various types of business including agency, consultant, freelancers & small business. For a limited time, ClientJoy is offering special lifetime deal at small flat rate – If you are looking for a solution.


It is very important to make a small investment in CRM Software, no matter your are small or big consultant. To elevate the risk involved, look for CRM Software that provides free trials & keep your cost in control.

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You can save at-least $600 in one years time.

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